Display vs. NewImage Behavior from Contextual Menu in Data Browser


I have a 2D wave and if I highlight it and select "Display" from the contextual menu, a new graph window pops up as expected on front of the data browser window.

If I do the same but select "NewImage" from the menu, the image window is created but it is layered behind the data browser window. I then separately bring that window to the front.

Any reason for the difference in behavior and can I get the newimage window to be created as the front window?

I am using IP 6.34A on a Mac running 10.9.4.

Hello Andy,

The answer has to do with event handling and and timing. To see what I mean, execute the following:
make/n=(100,100) ddd=x*y
make/n=(600,600) ggg=x*y

Now shift your Data Browser window to the topleft part of your screen. Try using the contextual menu for both images and pay attention for the position of the cursor when you are releasing the mouse.

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