Duplicate wave updating with changes on the original

I've always used "Duplicate originalwave newwave" to make different operations on a 3D wave, for example, and save multiple 2D waves. So originalwave = wave resulting from an operation.

However, something changed (even without changing my procesures or IGOR version), and now every time I make a new operation the "newwave" is getting rewritten to be equal to the "originalwave". How can that be? Can I lock "newwave" so it won't be rewritten?




I have a procedure (annex) that generates a panel to manipulate different 2D cuts of a 3D wave. The original wave is "map21_tnrk" and the middle panel is "map21_tnrkb". This is shown below.

I want to duplicate a given cut of panel b and make a graph with the image, so I run the following code

•Duplicate map21_tnrkb map21leftpocketXZ
•AppendImage map21leftpocketXZ
•ModifyGraph tickUnit=1,standoff=0;DelayUpdate
•ModifyGraph manTick(left)={0,0.2,0,1},manMinor(left)={0,0}
•ModifyGraph mirror=2
•ModifyGraph margin(left)=51,margin(bottom)=48,margin(right)=13,margin(top)=13
•ModifyGraph fSize=12
•ModifyGraph lblMargin(bottom)=10

However, when I change panel b of the procedure window, the duplicate is also changing.

Procedure with a window to manipulate different 2D cuts of a 3D wave

This should definitely never happen and never has for me in the past. Duplicate does never touch the original wave. You should post your relevant procedure code and/or attach the procedure here with an explanation what exactly you do. Then we can have a look and might tell you what is going on.

Yes please post the code in question. I also never encountered that.

This could be some wave formula going rogue, in case you are using that.

Thank you for the comments. I have updated the post with more details on the procedure and operations.

Your code uses SetFormula which creates a dependency by which one wave is automatically updated when another wave changes. Use the Misc->Object Status dialog to determine what dependencies exist.

For background information:

DisplayHelpTopic "Dependencies"