EGM96 function

Matlab has a function geoidheight which returns the datum of the EGM96 geoid with reference to the ellipsoidal WGS84 coordinate model.  Is there any implementation or coding of a similar function in Igor Pro?  
is it a avaiable in the Igor Pro Gis.cop?

Our GIS support is primitive and out of date. The fellow who wrote it is no longer with the company, unfortunately. We ship a plug-in, "IgorGIS.xop" or "IgorGIS64.xop" with a number of utilities for loading various kinds of GIS data, manipulating projections, and (as far as I can tell) getting information on geoids and ellipsoids. I see in the help file "WGS 84", so that part is probably OK. I can't find either "EGM 96" or "EGM96". Searching for "geoid" I find a reference to "NOAA NGS Geoid Height Grids".

The help file for the XOP seems to have been left out of the Igor 9 installation, probably deliberately because it is hard for us to support it. It was included with Igor 8. You can email if you want a copy.

The XOP should run fine on Windows. I can't give any guarantees for Macintosh, especially under the latest versions of Mac OS. And, of course, I'm afraid you are on your own with understanding that help file and using the features.

Thanks John. I have Igor Pro version 8 running on windows 10 and have installed IgorGIS64.xop.  I will be trying it out.