Filtering Data By Start/Stop Time

I'm currently using IGOR 8.03, and have months of data collected at 1 minute time resolution, which have a corresponding Time & Date wave. I have a separate "Start Time" wave, and  "Stop Time" wave, that indicates when an event of interest associated with the data begins and ends. I want to filter out the data I have collected between these Start/Stop times, but am unsure how to do so. Is there a function that allows for this, or a simple procedure? 




I would start with the extract function.  Your data wave is the source wave and you set the logical expression to the date range you are interested in.

Extract [ /FREE /INDX /O ][ typeFlags ] srcWave, destWave, LogicalExpression
The Extract operation finds data in srcWave  wherever LogicalExpression  evaluates to TRUE and stores any matching data sequentially in destWave, which will be created if it does not already exist.


Example to get data from your second set of start and stop times (point 1)

DataWave has your data

TimeWave that has the times of the datapoints

StartTime,EndTime waves with the start and stop times

Extract Datawave, Datasubset, (TimeWave >StartTime[1] && TimeWave<EndTime[1])