Fix the location of tag


Is it possible to create a gage where the text box is an fixed location?

I am creating a generic template for a test machine and want to highlight certain points on the trace, The curves can shift around a bit sample to sample and the relative positioning of the text box with respect to the point of interest can cause the text boxes to be in unwanted locations, such on top of legends or on top of one another.  I really I would like to completely fix their location (there are six of them) and then just have the connecting lines draw as necessary. I can freeze the location but that just prevents mouse movements.

Is there another way of accomplishing this?  Annotation boxes are fixed but do not have connecting lines.


I think your best bet is to use drawing objects, instead.

It is easiest to pick an unused drawing layer, clear it when the trace is updated and redraw text objects and lines. You will want to use axis drawing coordinates, most likely.

Hi Jim,

I took a different approach in that I calculate the offset for each tag and apply them to the graph as it is created. It works, but few points for elegance.

Perhaps something to add to the wishlist. A flag that with in the tag function that uses the graph as the anchor point instead of the trace point.  This would mimic the textbook annotation with the addition of the arrows.