Font in command line

Does anyone know how to change the font for the command line?

For History Area (the bit above) it is done with Misc > History Area > Set Text Format... 

But this doesn't change the setting for the command line itself. As you can see from the screenshot the History Area is using Monaco but the command line is not (take a look at the ampersands if you think I am imagining things).

Clicking out of the Command Window enables a menu option Misc > Command/History Settings, but the option for Set Text Format... is greyed out for me. Any ideas?

image of font mismatch

Actually, the command window has two different areas;

If you click on the command history text, the menu will be Misc > History Area > Set Text Format... 

and if you click on the code input area,the menu will be Misc > Command Buffer > Set Text Format...


you can set their font individually.