FreeAxis with times

I have a wave with about 100 test values which I've plotted as value versus report number.  The report numbers correspond to times that are irregularly spaced.  I don't want to plot the values against the times because of the irregular spacing.  It seems like a freeAxis would be the right way to display the times allowing me to reference the report number to a time directly instead of constantly referring to a table.  I'm having difficulty figuring out how to display the times on a freeAxis.  The times are tabulated in both text format and as seconds since 1904.  Any hints on how to do this? 

Hi Paul,

If your data wave with your test values has a standard scaling (start at 0 with delta of 1). Can you just plot the data versus _calculated_ and get a graph with each point an increment as opposed to a time value?

For example if the data is set up as

WaveData holds all the test values

WaveTime holds the time the data is recorded with its irregular spacing.

Then you can do a - display Wavedata just to get the test values with an implicit x scaling of the point number.


Does that work?


If I have understood your question correctly, I can think of a couple of ways to get what you want.

1) Use a category plot. To do this, you would create a text wave with a row for each data point. The text wave can have any information you want in it. Maybe the report number followed by a date string.

2) Use "User Ticks from Waves". That allows you to completely specify the positions, tick types and tick labels (or absence of labels) for your report number axis. DisplayHelpTopic "User Ticks from Waves"