Generating contour plot from two sets of XY pairs

I have two sets of XY data, representing distance and intensity, and I wish to add the intensities to make an XYZ contour plot.

This is the way I've been thinking about it: I have a 2D plot of intensity vs distance on the x-axis, which I would like to propagate along the orthogonal y-axis, so that I end up with a sort of "tunnel" along the y-axis. Then, I also have a 2D plot of intensity vs distance on the y-axis, which I would like to propagate along the x-axis in the same fashion as before. I would like the z-components of each data set to add to a new z value at each xy data point, to give me the composite 3D surface.

I have been trying to figure out how to do this by creating 3D waves by concatenation, but in the matrix addition operation, I only want the z components to sum.

If someone could point me in the right direction for those propagation steps, I think the matrix addition would work out, and give me a composite 3D matrix from which I could generate a contour plot.

As always, many thanks for your advice!


Hello Kevin,

Please provide more information.  For example, what do you mean by XY data?  Are these YWave vs XWave or do you have a 2D wave which is really z=f(x,y).  Feel free to send an experiment containing sample data to and I'll try to help.


Hello A.G.,

Thanks for responding to the post. I will send an email along with the experiment file, and a more detailed description of what I'm trying to achieve.

Thank you,