hdf5 corrupted by copy to network drive

I'll try to summarize this briefly...

CopyFile path:to:data.h5 server:path:data.h5

Results in an unreadable `data.h5` on the server. Here I am using a `macos` host and an `ubuntu` server. 

I thought, oh well, I'll work around it. So I called...

ExecuteShellScript /Z "do shell script \"cp /path/to/data.h5 /server/path/data.h5\" "

Which still results in a corrupt file. However, if I copy and paste that `do shell script ...` call into an actual AppleScript and run it. No problem.

If I use either of these methods to copy to a local drive or a Windows network share, no problem. It is specifically copying to the Ubuntu share, from Igor, that causes this corruption.

What is happening?!

Turns out... I was trying to move one of the files before properly closing it. That one is on me. Took me _forever_ to find. Thanks for listening.