How to Change Plotting Order on a Graph?

Newbie question here. I have a graph in which I've added a second set of data points to the original data points. The graph looks fine except that some of the new data points lay partially on top of the older data points, whereas I would like the older data points to be brought forward in appearance so they lay partially on top of the newer data points. Is there any way of easily modifying my current graph to select the order in which the various waves are plotted, or do I just have to start all over with a new graph and be careful about plotting the waves in the correct order?
hegedus wrote:

In the Graph Menu select reorder traces.


Aaah. Thanks, that does exactly what I need.

I have a similar question: is there a way to change the plotting order of points in within a single trace? It appears that the default is to plot the 0th index farthest back, 1st index on top of 0th, 2nd index on top of 1st, and so on. I just ran into a situation where I wanted to reverse the plot order so that the last point was farthest back instead of farthest forward. It would be nice if there was a ModifyGraph for traces option to reverse the order (or specify an ordering zWave). Do such options exist?

Attached is an example where multiple points partially overlay. (They are colored and outlined in black and represent the (1/e)*amplitude of a multi-exponential fit component at the component's tau. The fit data are the lines being the symbols.) There are hidden points that are lower indices, and these are revealed once I reversed the wave.

This was a troublesome way to do it because I had to make a reversed copy of the data, the color zWave, and the symbol diameter wave (which represents another parameter), and I had to change the subrange to deal with the reversal.

@gsb ... I _think_ the only way to do what you want is to reverse the order of the data in the wave (and of course also reverse any index x data associated with the data).