How to do a transcluent fill in a graph background?

I am using igor layers to send a color filled rectangle to the back of my plot, but it does not respond to it.

The steps I followed are:

1. Control+T to open igor tools

2. Used the rectangle option to draw a rectangle with solid fill

3. Hovered over the tree symbol, clicked alt while pressing down with the mouse.

4. From the pop up -chose "user back"


Should I be doing something differently? I would really appreciate your help.

You must be using Igor 6- the environment menu (tree) doesn't have the layers any more. In subsequent versions of Igor the layers have their own icon with menu. We found that we explained too often how to get to the menu that you found on your own!

In either case, what you did was to select the User Back layer for further drawing. It does not move objects to a different layer. To move the object, select the layer where the rectangle was drawn, select the rectangle, choose Edit->Cut, select the User Back layer and Edit-Paste.

We have discussed how we might make this more straightforward, but haven't gotten far.

Ah, ha! I forgot that we implemented a Move to Layer menu in the Mover menu (the bulldozer) for Igor Pro 9.