How to find column/wave names in table?

How can I programmatically find the name of all of the waves in a Table?  Is there a command similar to TraceNameList, but for Tables?

I tried.

I couldn't get anywhere with GetWindow.

I can use ModifyTable (with selection option) followed by GetSelection, but this seems clunky and requires additional work to strip off the ".d" that are appended to the wave names in the list produced by GetSelection.

I am using Igor 8.

You can use wavelist.


will get a list of all waves, separated by semi-colons, that are in the window called windowname.

Unfortunately, WaveList doesn't include a data folder path, so if you have waves in your table from more than one data folder, or if you don't know the data folder, it isn't as useful is you might wish.

WaveRefIndexed will allow you to iterate over waves in a given window, and it returns a wave reference instead of a wave name.