How get the creation time from multiple waves

I'm trying to obtain the creation time from multiple waves

Do you know a procedure for that?

Thank you again


CreationDate(waveName )
The CreationDate function returns creation date of wave as an Igor date/time value, which is the number of seconds from 1/1/1904.
The returned value is valid for waves created with Igor Pro 3.0 or later. For waves created in earlier versions, it returns 0.


You must iterate over the set of wave names. This will require using a for-endfor loop or a do-while loop. Search for help on the functions WaveList and StringFromList as possible starting points to build and extract values from a wave list. An example in the help for StringFromList shows how to extract values one at a time in a for-endfor loop.

You can also use wave reference waves to pass around lists of waves. A wave reference wave is a wave whose elements contain references to other waves. Here is an example:

Function/WAVE GetModDates(waves)
    WAVE/WAVE waves
    int numWaves = numpnts(waves)
    Make/FREE/D/N=(numWaves) modDates  
    int i
    for(i=0; i<numWaves; i+=1)
        WAVE w = waves[i]
        double modDT = ModDate(w)
        modDates[i] = modDT
    return modDates    

Function Demo()
    Make/O jack, bob, sam
    Make/FREE/WAVE/N=3 waves
    waves[0] = jack
    waves[1] = bob
    waves[2] = sam
    WAVE modDates = GetModDates(waves)
    int numWaves = numpnts(waves)
    int i
    for(i=0; i<numWaves; i+=1)
        WAVE w = waves[i]
        String name = NameOfWave(w)
        double modDT = modDates[i]
        String dateTimeStr = Secs2Date(modDT,-2) + " " + Secs2Time(modDT,3)
        Printf "Wave %s, modDate=%s\r", name, dateTimeStr