How to save Igor 6.37 Export Graphics preferences

Hello, this is more of a quality of life question:

I frequently export graphics from Igor Pro 6.37 as PNG Images, however, the default setting for Export Graphics on Igor Pro 6.37 is an Enhanced Metafile. Therefore, every time I open a new instance of Igor I have to manually change this setting. Is there a way to save/capture my export graphics preference to PNG Image so that this will be the default setting when opening new Igor instances?


Igor is supposed to remember the settings in the Export Graphics dialog from one running of Igor to another.

In Igor6, preferences are saved when you quit Igor. So if you run Igor, set Export Graphics to your liking, and quit Igor, each subsequent time you run Igor the settings should come back as you set them, until you change them and quit Igor.

This works with Igor Pro 6.37 on my Windows 10 machine. If it is not working on yours, it may be that Igor is unable to save its preferences file for some reason. The file is named "Igor Preferences.ipr.igr". To find the folder containing that file, run Igor6, press the Shift key, and choose Help->Show Igor Preferences Folder.


Check the time stamp. Is it recent? Start Igor, change some preference and quit Igor. Did the time stamp on the preferences file change? If it has old time stamp check if it is not read only. Or just delete and it will be recreated with default settings. Then change export settings.