How to save Igor Pro experiment file without procedure?

Hi all,

Could you please tell me, is it possible to save Igor Pro experiment files without procedure? The problem is that I have Igor Pro experiment files in which I wrote function that performs fitting of spectra. So it is code. I performed fitting of all spectra, all fits (graphs) are in these Igor Pro experiment files. I'd like to exclude the function written by me from these Igor Pro experiment files. I'd like to leave only the results (graphs) obtained by running the function. Since the code is written in procedure (which was invoked by Ctrl+M), I need to exclude this procedure from the Igor Pro experiment files. The procedure was saved with .ipf extension in separate folder.

One way to do this is to use "Save Graph Copy" under the file menu.  The top most graph will be saved with only the waves shown in the graph.  Upon opening the newly saved experiment the graph will be recreated and the procedure window will be empty.



We presume that you would want a copy of your fit function, so with the Procedure window as the top window, you should select File->Save Procedure Copy and save a file somewhere that you can find it again. Then simply go to the Procedure window and erase the code. By saving the Procedure window first using Save Procedure Copy, you will have an Igor procedure file that you can open later if you want to do the fits again. If you open that file later, you get a procedure window that is not the main Procedure window that you get from Ctrl-M.