Igor is slow in a new laptop


Recently I installed Igor 6 in a new laptop (Lenovo X1 Carbon). It is working way much slower.  Repopulating graphs while booting an pxp file or performing curve fitting on multiple waves in a graph is at least 3 times slower. Did anyone else experience a similar problem?

System specs: 64 bit windows pro, 16 gb ram, CPU 2.7 ghz up to 3.5 ghz, 1 TB SSD


Your description of the problem is a bit ambiguous, so let me ask a few question (I am not sure I can help, but others may):

1) Slower compared to what? A different PC (what specs)? A different Igor version?

2) What exact Igor version are you using? The latest update? Also, note that Igor has advanced to version 8 already. You may want to install the demo version to compare the performance there.

3) Do you have one concrete and easy to verify example where the performance is slower? Maybe you can attach a minimal experiment file?

4) In Igor 6.1 there was a new graphics drawing mode introduced. Since you also seem to have problems with rendering graphs, maybe this is related. Execute the following in the command line to read more:

DisplayHelpTopic "New Graphics"