IgorPro New file "welcome screen"

I didn't really have a good way to word this question, which is why the title is awkward. I am running IgorPro 6.37, and when you open igorPro it opens a blank table. Is there a way to customize what shows up by default when i start a new document. Specifically, I have written quite a few procedures and forget the names of them (haha) and wouldn't mind a small comment box showing the names of all of them, opening the data browser, and not opening a blank table, or should I just write a procedure to do this?

Edit. Solved with a Procedure that kills "Table0" and makes an empty graph with a sized-to-fit textbox summarizing all my procedures. I can't figure out how to delete my own topic, but and admin can if they see this

You can turn off the automatic new table on start-up: Misc->Miscellaneous Settings, chose the Experiment Settings category, turn off the checkbox for "Make a table for new experiments".

In Igor 7 and later, it is off by default.