ImageSave and Dialog box

Hi All,

I am using ImageSave to save data captured from a camera:

I am using:
ImageSave /Igor /T="tiff" /D=16 /p=ImageFolder as ImageName

Where Imagefolder is a path created earlier based on a sample name. I have validated that it is finding/creating the appropriate folder

and ImageName is s string that denaotes the location in the sample as validated a s working correctly.

The issue is that a save dialog window is being opened with the correct location as defined by the ImageFolder and the filename correct as defined by ImageName.

If these two aspects are correct why is the dialog being shown and more importantly how do I prevent it?

It is best if you report such problems directly to

This is a problem in the code that is fixed for the next update. As a workaround just skip the /IGOR flag to avoid the dialog. If this affects your work let us know and we'll make a private beta available for you.

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