Kill unneeded *.ipf/procedure

I am learning to use proper 3D graph plot to show my data.

Therefore, I try different mode of 3D graphic plotter and open different *.ipf files that related to certain function in Gizmo.

Now, I have problem to remove those unneeded *.ipf files. I have open the window of those files and killed, but when the system compiled, those killed *.ipf will automatically appear again.

Can anyone suggest me how to properly kill these *.ipf files?


I also notice that in the main bar on the top part of the IgorPro window, new tabs appear (i.e. Gizmo Pie, Gizmo Zoom)

How can I remove these tabs?


Thank you.

Probably you need to remove a include statement. To learn about include statements, execute:

DisplayHelpTopic "The Include Statement"


Hi @hrodstein,

Thanks for the advice. It solves my problem immediately!!