Load delimited file with both wave name and row labels?


I wave a 1D wave with row labels which I am using to store numerous set points in an experiment. I save this wave as a delimited text to include both the wave name and the row labels so the user can upload it into there database.

Now I want to reload that delimited file and the file looks like this with the first line being the wave name and then followed by the row label and the value.


In looking into the options to load it appears that if I want to load the row labels I need to use load as matrix option and that works. However that option does not allow me to load the wave name (sweepparam) in this case. Is there a simple loading flag or do I need to write some code do work around.

Like load everything in a matrix, including the first line as part of the wave. Then read the dim label of that point and rename the wave followed by deleting the first point.

Doable, but was hoping for as simple flag setting.

The help for LoadWave/M says:
>Loads data as matrix wave. If /M is used then it ignores the /W flag (read wave names) and follows the /U flags instead.
So you can't use /W to get Igor to read the wave name from the file.

I don't think there is a simple way to do what you want to do.

Here is a workaround:
Function Demo()
    LoadWave/J/M/U={1,0,0,0}/D/K=0/P=home "Hegedus.txt"
    String oldName = StringFromList(0, S_WaveNames)
    Wave w = $oldName
    String newName = GetDimLabel(w, 0, 0)
    Rename w, $newName
    DeletePoints 0, 1, w