loading date in datafile

Hello! I am getting blank wave trying to load a date entry, may I get some help? My code is like this
LoadWave/Q/A/J/D/O/W/L={0,7,1,0,0}/B="C=1,F=-2,T=4;  C=1,F=6,T=4,N=StartDate;"/R={English, 2, 2, 1, 1, "Month/DayOfMonth/Year", 4}  pathname+fileName

and I have attached an example file. Thanks very much for the help!!
You need "Year/Month/DayOfMonth" instead of "Month/DayOfMonth/Year".

For clarity and ease of debugging, I rewrote your code like this:

Function Test()
    String columnInfoStr = ""
    columnInfoStr += "C=1,F=-2,T=4,N='_skip_';"
    columnInfoStr += "C=1,F=6,T=4,N=StartDate;"
    String dateLayout = "Year/Month/DayOfMonth"

Thank you hrodstein! but I don't understand why the date-structure has year at the front, isn't my date data start from month, then day of month and the last would be the year? Thank you!
A helpful trick in these kinds of situations is to open the .csv file in Igor as an unformatted notebook.

That way you see the file the way it really is, instead of the way Excel represents the file.

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.
Thank you hrodstein and Jim, I did look at it in Excel and see the wrong format. That's why. Now I see. Thank you for the tricks!