LoadWave problem: loading a matrix and dealing with case of header only

I am loading delimited text files into Igor. I would like to store each file as a 2D wave. There are hundreds and some may have headers but no data. How can I best handle this scenario?

Ideally for the no-data file, I'd like to make a 2D wave that is empty. This is because for each experiment I have three different files and I need to be able to do calculations between the resulting 2D waves using a naming convention to do so. Right now I do for one type of file:

LoadWave/M/O/J/K=1/L={0,1,0,0,0}/P=csvDiskFolder/A=$wName/Q fileName

and I get an error for files with no data rows.

I previously asked a similar question https://www.wavemetrics.com/forum/general/telling-igor-skip-empty-data-…

But that solution doesn't work here because the file has a header row, plus I don't know how to use GetRTError correctly to handle error suppression. Any help appreciated!

Thank you! For anyone else that runs into this. Here is my solution.

STATIC Function CheckForData(pathName, filePath)
    // header (column names) is the first line
    // check that first data row is not blank
    String pathName  // Name of symbolic path or ""
    String filePath      // Name of file or partial path relative to symbolic path.

    Variable refNum

    Open/R/P=$pathName refNum as filePath
    String buffer, text
    Variable line = 0
        FReadLine refNum, buffer
        if (strlen(buffer) == 0)
                return line
        line += 1
    while(line < 2)
    return line    // returns 2 if there was at least 1 data row

Using an if-else-endif I check whether this function returns > 1 and if so, load using LoadWave, otherwise make a dummy wave with the same name.