Meaning of CheckName return values

Return values from CheckName(string, 1) (waves namespace) returns 

26 if string was an Igor operation

28 if string was an Igor function

27 if string is already in use as a wave name

227 if string was empty

0 if string was legal and unique

Is there a listing of other possible CheckName return values?  Are there any others for the waves namespace?

This is from Igor 8, if that makes a difference.

Thanks, Jeff

Those look like error code values. For example:

print geterrMessage(26)
  the name "_Not Available_" already exists as an operation
print geterrMessage(28)
  the name "_Not Available_" already exists as a function


I don't think you should rely on the output values other than 0 since the meaning of the returned values is not given in the CheckName documentation. Also, new checks for a name could be added in the future.