mode of a wave?

I have a number of files that sometimes have varying amounts of data points, I would like to see what is the most common number of points.

I have a function that finds the numpnts() of the loaded waves and puts the numpnts in another wave. My current solution to find the mode is:

//wave with numpnts of loaded waves
wave loadedpnts = root:loadedpnts

//find maximum number in loaded pnts
wavestats/Q/M=1 loadedpnts

//make a wave for histogram output and call histogram function
make/d/N=(v_max+1) loadedpnts_hist
Histogram/B=(0,1,v_max+1) loadedpnts, loadedpnts_hist

//check for maxloc in histogram output
wavestats/q/m=1 loadedpnts_hist
variable loadedpnts_max = v_maxrowloc

this will obviously fail if there are equal numbers of waves loaded with 2 or more different points (e.g. 2 waves loaded with 500 points and 2 waves loaded with 450 points).


So 2 questions:

1) is there a better way to do this?

2) is there a way around the problem of non-unimodal points?



You could run FindLevels after you found the maximum value to check if it occurs more often.

I think just running StatsQuantiles on your wave "loadedpnts" will return the mode in V_mode. If there's multiple modes, it will return the lowest value mode.