Modify Graph with Trace Info during procedure

Hello there Igor Community,

I am trying to write a procedure that will display a graph and then wait for another input before continuing the program. I have data that is semi periodic, and i need to fit each semi periodic section, and the start and end points are important to select correctly for the fit function. I need to be able to zoom in/find start and end points during a procedure. I was wondering if I could use the trace info tools without exiting the procedure.

Hopefully the question isn't worded too poorly.

DisplayHelpTopic "Pause For User"

The examples there do exactly what you are trying to do.

Follow Up question: Can I somehow automatically assign the values of the "Show Info"  graph option value to a variable? I e when you use the small circle and square to select points on a graph.

I think the "programming with cursors" may solve my problem. I will try that first

To get the value of a cursor, use pcsr( c name ) to get the trace point number, hcsr( c name ) to get the X value of the trace point, and xcsr( c name ) to get the scaled X value of the wave point the cursor is on. Note that xcsr() is NOT the same as hcsr()- xcsr() refers to the Y wave's X scaling, while hcsr() refers to the horizontal axis value. Confusing, eh?

Where I have written "c name" you need either "a" (round cursor) or "b" (square cursor), but without quotes: pcsr(a) for instance.