ModifyBrowser select only waves?

I've gotten into the habit of processing multiple waves using the ModifyBrowser select="<i>SelectString</i>" command.

However, oftentimes within the data browser window there will be variables which match the select string I've chosen. Is there any way to tell IGOR to only match objects of type wave? Similar to the options for the WaveList command, but discriminating between variable types and not wave characteristics?

Might be a wish list item but thought I'd ask!


p.s. Also, while we're at it, might be nice to have the data browser only match items that are displayed/expanded. Often I have subfolders, that are collapsed, which end up containing items matched by ModifyBrowser's select. Since they're collapsed it's not entirely obvious they're being matched as well... thanks!
Thanks for the suggestion. I've added it to the wish list.

For now you could always hide certain types using the showVars, showWaves, and showStrs keywords of ModifyBrowser. Then call ModifyBrowser select.