multi-level category labels

Hi all,

There is an option in Excel category graphs: multi-level category labels. I have been trying to find this option in Igor, but it is not easy. I found a person asked the same question, but the answer was irrelevant. Is there anybody who knows the answer? Is it even possible two have multi-level labels using Igor?

I just had a look at the Excel feature. There are two ways in Igor to do (something close to) this.

First option, make a category plot with a wave that corresponds to the first value of each sub-group and a text wave corresponding to the top category. Then add waves corresponding to the second member and so on. The problem here is if your top categories have unequal numbers of members. You can use NaN for these values but there will be a gap. You can colour the values however you like and if you offset the main labels, you could append tags to the waves to label each sub group.

Second option is make each top level category plot separately and append them to the same graph window or layout. The data are organised differently for this option. Both options are a kludge to get what you want.

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Thanks a lot, I created several text waves and appended the new values vs. each text wave to the first category plot. It worked but it was not easy. I had to use a split axis optionĀ several times to be able to control and edit each axis ticks and labels. Thanks for your explanation