Multipeak fitting & Global fit


Does anyone know if it is possible to do a global fit of multiple sets of data where for each set of data the fitting function is Multipeak fitting?

Thanks in advance for your help!


Do you really mean a Global Fit to a Multipeak Fit? Or do you simply want to batch fit a bunch of Multipeak Fits? The first is a big project. The second is already more or less in hand. For a Multipeak batch fit, click the Help button in the Multipeak Fit 2 panels. See the topic "MPF2_AutoMPFit()". There is no GUI for it, only a function that can be invoked from the command line (but is inconvenient to do).

Hello, I want to follow up on this. Is it now possible on the latest Igor Pro version?

This depends on what you want. Do you want to do a fit with multiple peaks on multiple data sets automatically? Then the answer is yes. This was possible in the past, but it is even easier now using the MPF2_AutoMPFit() functionality of the Multipeak Fit package. Do you instead want to do a global fit (i.e., with linked coefficients) of multiple data sets simultaneously, but using Multipeak Fit? Then the answer is still no. You need to use the Global Fit package for this and write your own fit function containing multiple peaks. It would be an enormous task to merge the Global Fit and Multipeak Fit packages into one big do-everything-fit-related package, and this will likely not happen in the foreseeable future.