No longer able to display and edit auxiliary procedure in window

I have an auxiliary procedure (call it MyAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf) and have been editing it in an Igor file (call it MyFile.pxp). The two files are in the same folder.

After a number of days and running macros so many times that my command line count is up to 6658, the procedure window does not open when I open the .pxp file (it was open when I last closed the .pxp file).

I try Windows->ProcedureWindows->MyAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf and nothing happens

I try Windows->ProcedureBrowser and see MyAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf and underneath that can see all my macros and functions. However, I see no way to display the window and edit.

I try File->OpenFile->Procedure->MyAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf and nothing happens

I try File->OpenFile->Procedure->ADifferentAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf and it opens that one and I can edit

I try Windows->ProcedureWindow->ProcedureWindow. This opens the experiment procedure and I click on the drop-down menu containing the available procedures and choose MyAuxiliaryProcedure.ipf and it works fine

I try opening the same procedure (same location on my hard drive) but from a different .pxp file (different folder than the procedure and MyFile.pxp) and it works.

I can probably work it out on my own, but I figure if there is a bug then there is a bug and I may as well post about it.

I have included a zipped file with the pxp and ipf.

Your SpecificHeatDataProcessAll.ipf file is likely just offscreen. So when you select the Windows->Procedure Windows->SpecificHeatDataProcessAll.ipf menu item, that procedure window is brought to the front but you can't see that because it's offscreen. The solution is to then use the Windows->Control->Retrieve Window menu item. Yo could also use the button in the tool bar (it's the button with one green arrow pointing left and one window).