Normalizing to a specific range of points in the wave


I'm trying to normalize a wave to specific points, for example the first 200 points of the wave. Or, alternatively using the cursors. 

Thanks for any help!


wave to normalize to the points shown with the cursors

If you only need to do one wave:

// work on a copy of your wave
Duplicate/O myWave, myWave_n
// divide wave by the average of the first 200 points
// pnt2x is required because of wave scaling
myWave_n /= mean(myWave,pnt2x(myWave,0),pnt2x(myWave,199))

Where myWave is the name of your wave and myWave_n is the name you'd like to give to your normalised wave.

For cursors on the top graph the second line becomes:

myWave_n /= mean(myWave,pcsr(a),pcsr(b))

For lots of waves, it's best to write a function.