NVAR error in Image Line Profile package


encountered the following on trying to run Image Line Profile after choosing Analysis/Packages/Image processing: NVAR error: "NVAR reference to "WMLP_width" failed". Screenshot attached. Never had a problem w/ this package before... any ideas on how to fix would be greatly appreciated. Thank you---
I am guessing that you are using an older version of Igor probably IP6. This is based on the fact that you found this package in your Analysis menu and the comment in the code is from 2011.

The particular code that raised the error has to be called from WMImageLineProfileUpdateProc() upon activating an image window which suggests that you must be working with an experiment that had images where you used the line profile procedures. It also suggests that some of the crucial data objects which the package is expecting are now missing. This could happen, for example, when the user deletes package created folders or data.

You can simply ignore this error. To continue using the package it would be best if you close the image and then redisplay it. When you click in the new image and choose Line Profile from the Image Menu the procedures should recreate the relevant data objects.

WaveMetrics, Inc.
Ah great, thank you; re-displaying (and ignoring the error) works fine. Yes, using an older version, will fix that at some point...!