Odd behavior in absolute graph size depending on marker or line

I have an odd behavior that I am trying to understand. I create a graph with a set of data points. I use this to set the absolute size.

ModifyGraph width=576,height={Aspect,0.75}

I use these to set the axes to cover my data range.

SetAxis left -90,40
SetAxis bottom 0,0.28

In one case, I use this to make all data into data points (the default crosses).

ModifyGraph mode=3

In another case, I use this to make all data into lines.

ModifyGraph mode=0


When I save the graph macro, I get these two cases (this is on a second monitor but the size difference remains even when the windows are moved to my main monitor)

// for mode = 0
Display /W=(-2656,467,-1981,963) ...
// for mode = 3
Display /W=(-2656,467,-1968,970) ...

Am I missing something about setting the absolute size of the graph being dependent on the marker?

Igor 8.05beta on macOS 10.15.7.

5 things occur to me:

1) The ModifyGraph width, height apply to the plot area, not the the window area. If the margins change, so does the window size.

2) The plot area is affected by standoff and the plot mode; markers need standoff of 1/2 the marker diameter, lines don't.

3) If standoff adds/subtracts from the plot area, the margins are preserved, so the window size changes, too.

4) If you set the margins explicitly (not "auto"), the window size does not change when standoff is affected by the plot mode.

5) You can turn standoff itself off.


Oh. Yes, that makes sense. Thank you for the clarification and the link to the panel.