One Step Operation to Copy Image Scales?

I have an (xy) wave that has wave scaling. I have discovered that MatrixOP does not preserve the scaling (at least for the operations that I am using).

I am regenerating the scaling with a combination of DimDelta + IndextoScale + SetScale steps repeated on the x and the y.

Is there an efficient operation to do this? I am wishing for an equivalent to

ImageTransform/D=srcimage copyScales destimage

This type of one-step operation would be especially useful with stacks where each plane (layer) also has its own scaling (e.g. time).

So you mean a CopyScales operation for the case where the dimension of the output changes from the input? Yes, I would like to have a convenient solution for this case, too. Something like a CopyScales operation where you could choose which ones and the order of the input dimensions to apply (something like CopyScales x,z srcWaveName, waveName copies x and z onto x,y of the output in that order).

Oh. Gosh. And I even used that operation in my ImageTransform request (w/o knowing in advance that the operation existed in its own right).

It is the hidden discoveries such as this that make this such a wonderful forum!


Oh OK, so it was just copying the scales without reshuffling. Good that this has been resolved.