OSC messages in IGOR?

 I am wondering if there is an easy way to get/use OSC data in Igor Pro?
Specifically, I am thinking about using Osculator (https://osculator.net/) to pipe some WiiMote data into the OSC-world… Can Igor somehow "capture" this (into a wave for later processing).
The basic dream: I want to use a Wii mote to "conduct" some music …. And I would love to get the trace (X,Y,.. roll, pitch, yaw…. Or something) captured into Igor. So, I will listen to speakers that are playing music and I will sort of "conduct" with the Wii mote…. The data from the Wii mote gets pulled into Osculator and then I can have various variables be sent as OSC streams (or something) …. Ideally, this would be streamed/captured in Igor.
Does that make sense? Is it possible?