Plotting multiple residual waves on the same axis from a curvefit

I am plotting and fitting data from 3-7 datasets within the same graph. I'd like to auto-generate residual plots as well: however, calling /R yields 3-7 separate residual plots on top of my main graph, which squashes it down and makes it hard to see.

How can I curvefit and call residual generation but have them all appear on a single axis? The only workaround I can think of presently is to auto-generate the first one, then generate the subsequent residual waves, but suppress them via /A=0 (don't append), then manually append them to the graph using /L=Res_Left as the vertical axis. However, this will also require me to manually change the what kind of markers are being used so that they match the main plot (just using /R for each fit does this automatically).

Any ideas?