Releasing a Project

I have just created a project on Igor Exchange for the procedure I have written to analyze x-ray photoemission spectra with (EccentricXPS), and I have a few questions about that. My project consists of three files: the procedure file, a help file and an experiment file with a collection of spectra to make it easy for people to play with the procedure without having to first import their own spectra. When I create a new release I only have the option to associate one file with the release. I assume that means I have to create a combined zip file or is there a way to associate more than one file with a release?

I also ran into a problem trying to upload the experiment file which initially was 25 MB. A quick search on Google revealed that the file size limit is 9 MB and after a little pruning of my experiment file I got it down to 9 MB, but it would have been nice if I had been told what the problem was when I tried to upload the 25 MB file. I didn't get any information I just ended up with an empty release with no file in it.

Since I initially wasn't able to upload the experiment file, I combined the procedure and help files into a zip file and uploaded that without the experiment file. After I figured out the problem with the experiment file I uploaded that as a separate release, but now when someone clicks on my project it only displays the latest release, which is the experiment file, meaning people have to look under all releases to access the actual procedure. Is there a way to delete or modify a release so I can upload a combined zip file and avoid this mess?
If you give me the URL of the release you want to delete I'll take care of it. Regular users don't have permission to delete releases.