Retrieve HDF5 dataset scaling

UPDATE: In the meantime, I found that HDF5LoadData has an option /IGOR that one specify which wave property to load back.

When Igor saves wave as HDF5 file using HDF5 Browser, it saves the scaling information as dataset attributes "IGORWaveScaling". When it loads back from the HDF5 file, the scaling is not set back to the wave. Could this behavior be corrected?

Moreover HDF5 also supports dimension scale for dataset. It would be perfect if Igor could support this.
You need to use HDF5SaveData/IGOR=-1 to save all Igor properties and HDF5LoadData/IGOR=-1 to load all properties. In my test (attached), this worked correctly. See the history in the attached experiment.

I did find an error in the HDF5 Help file. It says you can use just /IGOR but in fact, you must use /IGOR=.

I have made a note to look into the HDF5 dimension scaling that you reference the next time I am working on HDF5 XOP.