Setting the filter order of resample/rate function


From my understanding, the resample/rate=(newSampFreq) does all the necessary interpolation and low-pass filtering to implement the decimation.
In my case, it seems like the filter order is too low for me to get a cut-off sharp enough. I could do this with the resample/down flag and supplied a mask from FilterFIR, but this is less convenient as I will have to calculate the up and down for non-integer decimation factor.

Would there be an option to choose the filter order with resample/rate?

Thanks a lot.

Try a larger value for Resample/N=numReconstructionSamples:

     Specifies the number of input values used to created the up-sampled values (default is 21).
    The value of numReconstructionSamples must be odd.
     Bigger is better: 15 is usually on the low side for yielding reasonably accurate results, and although 101 will nearly always give very good results, it will be slow.