Soliciting Collaborators for Image Tools Package

I need to analyze images. I have been bouncing around this theme for a year or so with various postings here and on the Igor Pro email discussion list. I started with a question about ImageJ versus Igor Pro. I chimed up (on the email list) about removing backgrounds using different image planes as references. I've recently been chatting with AG off-line about my interests and needs.

Now, I am going public with an open request.

I should add two caveats. First, I am a novice in this field. Analysis in spectroscopy ... I can do it with my eyes closed. Analysis of images ... This adds entirely new dimensions to the problem (literally and figuratively speaking). Secondly, I am not the one who needs to do the real grunt work. My students need an image analysis tool that they can use easily and effectively. They work nicely in ImageJ because the UI is intuitive. We are however now beyond the basics of ImageJ. We need to program in it.

Rather than learn Java, I will jump to Igor Pro.

What I would like to have in an Image Tools package in Igor Pro combines what I consider as general-purpose needs (load images, display different planes from an image, remove a background, calibrate the xy and I scales) with some specific needs (in my case: quantify area distributions of an image feature in both xy space as well as in histogram space). The UI needs to be intuitive (e.g. we will have undergraduates who will do sample preparation, imaging, and analysis; our down-time to train them how to analyze an image must be minimal).

I have a base package started in Igor Pro. A set of images of the panel are attached and shown below.

I would like not to develop this package in a vacuum. I would like to have a collaborator or collaborators join my effort.

Is anyone interested to help with this project? Please contact me off-line.

ImageToolsPackage.png (510.15 KB)