Solution for sharing (and updating) procedure files within a team

Hello, This has been discussed several times on the mailing list - how to share code with a team and keep it updated (without sending ipf files to and fro). I finally got around to implementing a very simple solution which I thought I'd post here in case it's useful for anyone else:… the code for making the menu is here (thanks to Ryotako for sharing their WaveMetrics Procedure Loader), together with a how-to:
What you've detailed is a reasonable approach, though there are a few important caveats: 1. If you're not using Igor 7 or later, Igor might crash if you have a procedure file open and it's changed outside of Igor (eg. if your Dropbox/Google Drive sync service updates the file). 2. This approach can quickly devolve into a mess if there is the possibility that multiple people might be editing files, particularly if they might be doing so at the same time. Handling these types of merge situations is one strength of version control systems, but not of basic file sync services. But if there's jut one person who's writing/modifying code and the other users are just using the code, conflicts shouldn't be a problem.
Thanks Adam. Yes, right now the other users have read-only access to the share. If others want to start editing we'll have to do things differently.