Some "Straightforward" Gizmo applications

Hello There igorpro,

I am trying to do some pretty basic stuff with the Gizmoplot, that apparently, is way too complicated for me:

I have started with a parametric plot using 3(x,y,z) matrices. (see fig1)

Using the gizmo panel, i managed to make 2 custom axes offset appropriately(so that the data would not hide them)

-I rotated the tick values so that you could see them, and they wouldn't be backwards (backwards text seems to be the default when viewing a gizmo plot from above. Very strange)


It now looks like Fig2.

I haven't tried, but i have a recreation macro for all of this, and I assume I can use the procedure window to scrape all of the commands to use for a later program to make, and set these specific axes.

-The one, most annoying thing, is that the axis label for a custom axis will absolutely not display, no matter what I try.

- The one success I have had with getting the custom axis label to display was to create an axis triplet, and then label that, Then reduce it to a custom axis in the dimension that I want. This preserved the label, but while messing with tick marks and offsets, the label disappeared and will not reappear, even when using:

ModifyGizmo ModifyObject=axes1, property={-1,axislabel,1} command (yes, axes1 is the correct custom axis, yes I re-entered the label text)

Is there a secret menu-item that will make a label actually show up?

Please do not refer me to the Showhelp Gizmo Reference. I have looked through it and the lack of context within the whole thing was pretty unhelpful

I am using igorpro 6.37


Thank you in advance


Fig1 Fig2

Hello Dolbash,

You appear to be using an old version of Igor that is no longer supported. 

I  do not understand what you are trying to accomplish.  Your best bet is to post an experiment (not an image) and explain your requirements in detail.