Sort Graph Macros Alphabetically

Hi - as the subject indicates, is there a way to sort the graph macros which appear under windows -> Graph Macros, alphabetically? Currently, they are chronological by the time when the macro was created. 

Also, I have some waves which were appended to the wrong table. Is it possible to transfer them to another table? I tried to drag them using the command key but they only allowed me to switch their position within the table

Thank you!

This is just a guess... but if the macros are saved in the built in procedure window, the order in the Graph Macros list probably reflects their order in the procedure window.  A work around would be to manually sort them in the procedure window.  This potentially painful, but would get the job done.

If they are stored in several different procedure files, then the sorting will probably also depend on the order the procedures are compiled.  

As to your second question, there isn't a way to transfer waves from one table to another, but that's really not an issue. Waves are simply objects in memory, and a table is simply one way to display the wave. You can have a wave that appears in more than one table, or in no tables at all. So to "transfer" the waves, remove the waves from the table where you don't want them, and append them to the table where you do want them.

Remove: right-click in the title cell of the wave in the table, and select Remove <wave name>

Append: with the table you want them in active, select Table->Append Columns to Table

In fact, I keep forgetting that you can drag a wave from the Data Browser and drop it on a table to append to that table.