Style-"Bug" in tick labeling (axis)

Do I miss an option or is it a suggestion for Igor 7?
Creating a graph with the unit in the label, it "sticks" to the number (against the SI guidelines, which recommends a blank between value and unit *in most cases*):

make test=((x-60)/120)^2
setscale x,0,1e-6,"m", test
display test
label bottom "Distance"

I could define a blank in the unit but lose the prefix feature (and actually I want to keep it -- in some cases it might result in "k nm", see [#6548]).
The \U \u \u#2 options don't work in my case.
I have two correlated x axes for the same quantity in two units (Coverage in "ML" and in "m")


PS: an exception would be angular degrees "42°" (but "42 °F" ...)
No, there is no option. I am considering changing this but am concerned about causing unforeseen problems.

On thing you can do in cases like this is to suppress the tick and draw your own using an axis tag. Here is an example using the test code above
ModifyGraph tickZap(bottom)={800e-09}
Label bottom "Distance\\u#2"        // turn off any automatic units
Tag/C/N=text0/F=0/A=MT/X=0.00/Y=-1.57/L=1 bottom, 800e-09, "800 nm"

Larry Hutchinson