Symbolic path in Debugger

Is there a way in the Debugger to see the current symbolic paths in the experiment and the values of those paths, similar to what is shown in the Symbolic Path Status window?  If not, is this something that could be added to a future version of Igor?

An undocumented feature of the debugger is to call user functions when evaluating Expressions.

Here's code to demonstrate how to use it to accomplish something like what you want:

Macro DebugThis()
    Variable/G V_DebugDangerously=1

Function foo()
    Variable refnum
    Debugger // add debugger expression for SymbolicPathValue("Igor")
    Open/D/P=Igor refnum

Function/S SymbolicPathValue(symPathNameStr)
    String symPathNameStr
    PathInfo $symPathNameStr // sets S_path
    return S_path