Three cheers for Multipeak fitting v3

Not a question, just wanted to say how impressed I am with the Multipeak fitting in Igor 9.  Have spent some sustained time working with it over the last few days and there's a lot of clever stuff going on behind the scenes that keeps track of which fit results are associated with various data sets, without breaking if you interact with the data browser.  Awfully helpful, as are the options to save copies of fit results in various locations, which opens up several really convenient ways to either a) compile results from a large number of data sets for comparison, or b) to produce graphs of a large number of data sets presenting the fit results in a consistent style.

So my warmest applause to John and chozo for this great update of a really useful package!


To be sure, I worked with chozo to integrate his enhancements into the package, but the credit really belongs to chozo. Anyone who spends time on IgorExchange has seen chozo at work helping everyone!

Dear Nathan, thank you so much for your message! John already forwarded your thanks from the message board to me. I am really happy that you found the new features helpful. John has been always really supportive and patient, when I couldn't shut up about things to implement. It was a great collaboration. I had the freedom to add stuff I wanted personally for more convenience (like keyboard shortcuts probably nobody knows), but even better that others, like you, can benefit as well. I hope you will have a productive time with Multipeak fitting and Igor 9 in general.