Video Capture from USB Devices

I need to capture video and images from two devices. One is a simple composite to USB dongle. The other is a Mighty Scope Can anyone suggest a simple application to do this on Windows 7? Much of what I have read so far suggests that most apps that might do this come with bundled malware, are scams to hog system resources, or are full overkill for what we need.

We will process in Igor (of course). I know that Igor could be used to capture with a bit of programming. I would very much like to hear also from anyone who has a package that could do the capture too.

Hi Jeff,

I'm not familiar with the Mighty Scope but most simple USB cameras on Windows would be supported today under Direct Show. You should be able to find basic image acquisition support in the DSXOP (look for More Extensions:Data Acquisition:Frame Grabbers).

Other options would include the OCV XOP. Feel free to contact me directly for more information.

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