Were can I find a ITC16_x86_XOP?

I acquired an older ITC16 DAQ but does anybody know were I can get the ITC16_x86_XOP?

I cannot find it on the HEKA website


Thank you for suggestions. I tried both options.

HEKA downloadsite does not provide the ITC16 xop unfortunately. I did try the ITC18 xop without luck.

Also, I've tried the ITCXOP2 from Allens Institute, but I couldn't make it to work. Are you saying you have the ITCXOP2 working with a ITC16-PCI interface? Can I ask about your Igor version and settings? I am using Win7 and tried with Igor6.3 (32bit) and Igor8 (64bit version) together with XOP2.

I am now on contact with HEKA hoping they have a copy of the ITC16 xop. 




I have the ITCXOP2 working with an ITC18USB and an ITC1600. I'm also the author of that XOP ;)

What exactly is not working? It works here with IP6/7/8 on Windows 7 using the 32bit and the 64bit XOP.

Note that rasmus is using the ITC-16, but Thomas's ITCXOP2 works with the ITC1600, not the ITC-16.

@aclight: Did you try that already? At least the itcmm.dll my XOP is using claims to support ITC16.


This version of the driver supports the following device types:
#define ITC16_ID  0  //ITC-16/PCI-16
#define ITC18_ID  1  //ITC-18/PCI-18
#define ITC1600_ID 2  //ITC-1600/PCI-1600
#define ITC00_ID  3  //Virtual Device


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No, I don't have hardware to try it with in the first place. Prior to your message, I wasn't aware that your XOP made any claims of supporting ITC-16 devices, so when you suggested using it I thought you might have misread that Rasmus was using the ITC-16, not ITC-1600.

@rasmus: By accident I had another user trying to get an ITC16 working with the ITCXOP2. And it works so far. Be sure to run the ITCDemo application or Igor Pro as admin once when trying to talk to the device as the ITCMM.dll wants to write into the windows registry into keys which are only-for-admin since Windows XP.