Why do axes in a multi panel plot shift upon saving as TIFF files?

Hi! I have a multi-panel plot in igor, and the axes look perfectly aligned, but when I save the figure as pdf or tiff, the axes have shifted in the image files. Is there a way to prevent this from happening? 

Thank you!


Are you using a page layout to make your multi-panel plot? You may need to set fixed graph margins to keep the axes aligned: DisplayHelpTopic "Aligning Layout Objects"

If this is what we call a "stacked graph", then the axes that need to be aligned are probably free axes. Double click on an axis to bring up the Modify Axis dialog. My recommendation is, in the "Free Position" box on the Axis tab, select Fraction of Plot Area and make sure the Distance is set to zero.

If this doesn't get you where you need to go, please post a copy of your Igor experiment file with a message describing what's in it and where the problem is.