Window title

I would like to get a list of all my windows with the exact title as shown in the window title bar (e.g. "Graph21: pos vs time"). Via WinList I get the list of my windows and with GetWindow I can read out the title, but only if it was set to a non-standard value. How can I get the title string if it has the default value?

In the case where a window has not been assigned a title, it does not have a title and I suspect that is why GetWindow with the title keyword sets S_Value to "". When a window does not have a title, Igor displays the name of the graph followed by a ":", but internally I don't believe that Igor considers that to be the title of the window. But you should be able to do something like this:

Function/S ConstructTitle(wName)
    String wName        // The name of the window.
    String wTitle
    GetWindow $(wName) title
    if (strlen(S_value) <= 0)
        wTitle = wName + ":"
        wTitle = S_value
    return wTitle