add RAW image load format

I would like to see Igor Pro add a RAW image file format to its built in family of loadable image file types. I understand that there is no single universal RAW format, but if Igor could duplicate ImageJ's (from NIH) capability, presenting a window dialog to specify key parameters, it would be very helpful. Right now, I have to open such files from ImageJ, save them to another format (e.g. TIFF), and then use Igor.

Have you tried loading these files using type set to "any"?

Alternatively, pure raw grayscale images can be loaded using GBLoadWave followed by a Redimension.

WaveMetrics, Inc.

Yes, I had tried image loading with file-type "any" for the RAW file, but got a Quicktime loader error. Incidentally, "any" does not appear in the GUI loader popup window for file types; it must be used in a command call.

Thanks for the suggestion on using GBLoadWave and Redimension. I just tried it, and it works. Now all I have to do is write a wrapper function with my file parameters in it.

I would still welcome having a direct RAW image loader in Igor :)

Stephen R. Chinn
s.r.chinn wrote:
I would still welcome having a direct RAW image loader in Igor

This would be useful. The downside is that it would require that we replicate in the Load Image dialog much of what is in the Load General Binary dialog.